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12 July 2011 - Inside de Games


The citizens of Annecy have won, claim anti-Olympic body

The Annecy Anti-Olympic Committee claimed that "the citizens of Annecy have won" after the French town lost its bid to host the 2018 Winter Olympics and Paralympics to Pyeongchang, and said that bid l


"Mr Beigbeder should send back his Légion d'honneur, which he deserves no more," said a spokesperson from the Committee.


"Those responsible for this fiasco should face the consequences."


The organisation revelled in their "victory", with Annecy comfortably defeated having received just seven votes in Durban last week.


"The Anti-Olympic committee is not hiding its pleasure and pride in contributing to this success".


"We have achieved our goal and the success of mobilising citizens to this cause is incontestable ".


"Annecy and Haute-Savoie are liberated."


They were also highly critical of the €30 million (£26 million/$43 million) spent on Annecy's bid, which they say "could have been better spent elsewhere".


Annecy's bid was dogged by a number of setbacks, including the revelation in the weeks leading up to the final decision in a survey that half of Annecy residents were against the campaign to win the right to host the Winter Olympics.


"We thank the members of the International Olympic Committee who heard us and understood that Annecy did not want these Games," said the spokesman.


06 April 2011 - Handelsblatt


Starke Opposition bedroht Olympia in Annecy


Drei Monate vor der Vergabe der Olympischen Winterspiele 2018 am 6. Juli in Durban/Südafrika wird nun auch die Kandidatur von Münchens Rivalen Annecy durch eine starke Opposition bedroht. Vor dem Tagungshotel des Internationalen Olympischen Komitees (IOC) verteilten Gegner am Mittwoch in London Handzettel und Aufkleber des Annecy Anti-Olympic Committee mit dem Motto: No Olympics in Annecy.


In der 60.000-Einwohner-Stadt, die laut der Initiative Anti-Olympia vor dem Bankrott stehen soll, wurden in einer täglich wachsenden Liste bisher 13.140 Unterschriften gegen die Spiele gesammelt. Angestrebt wird ein Referendum, ähnlich wie es am 8. Mai hinsichtlich der Münchner Bewerbung in Garmisch-Partenkirchen stattfinden soll. Dort haben Olympia-Befürworter und Olympiagegner in der 26.000-Einwohner-Stadt mit jeweils über 1700 eingereichten Unterschriften die Voraussetzungen für einen Bürgerentscheid geschaffen. Beim leichten Wahl-Favoriten Pyeongchang/Südkorea gibt es offiziell über 90 Prozent Zustimmung für die Spiele 2018.


Die Olympiagegner in Annecy behaupten, nur 51 Prozent der Bevölkerung seien für Spiele, die vor allem der Bürgermeister gewollt habe. Dies sei die niedrigste Rate an Zustimmung, seit solche Zahlen bei Bewertungen veröffentlicht werden. "Die Bevölkerung wurde nie gefragt. Die Realität ist, dass viele Einwohner Olympia nicht wollen. Wir möchten nun gehört werden", sagt Khaled Dehgan, Präsident der Umweltschutz-Organisation NGO.


Nach dem Rücktritt von Edgar Grospiron im Dezember sei Charles Beigbeder Chef des Bewerbungskomitees geworden, der weder Hochsavoyen kenne noch Ahnung vom olympischen Sport habe. Frankreichs IOC-Mitglieder Jean-Claude Killy und Guy Drut hätten dies öffentlich scharf kritisiert. Auch Sportministerin Chantal Jouanno wird zitiert: "Es scheint, dass niemand wirkliche Verantwortung trägt für diese Bewerbung. Diese Kampagne braucht viel mehr Energie."


Stadtratsmitglied Phillippe Metral Boffod kündigte an: "Tausende in Annecy haben genug von dieser Show und dem finanziellen Missmanagement der Bewerbung. Wir sind stärker denn je gegen dieses Projekt und haben eine Reihe von Aktionen geplant in den kommenden Wochen, um auch bei IOC-Mitgliedern gehört zu werden."



April 12th 2011

12 - Presse release - A red card for Beigbeder and Annecy 2018
April 12th 2011 - Presse release - A red card for Beigbeder and Annecy 2018
2011-04-12 - Presse release - A red card
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April 08th 2011 - Games Bids


Sport Accord London Notebook


The annual SportAccord Convention was in London this week and reported from the scene. Here are some of the remaining items in my SportAccord London notebook that didn't make the news.


No Banner Day


The Comité Anti-Olympique d’Annecy 2018, an organization opposed to the Winter Olympic Games in Annecy, made its presence at the SportAccord Convention in London. But not too many people paid attention, it seems.


One member standing in front of a four meter banner (see photo) near the Park Place Westminster Hotel - the venue for the SportAccord convention – was quite surprised when I stopped to take a photo. The message “No Olympic Games Annecy 2018” explains itself but the representative also handed me a brochure, a sticker with the group’s logo, and when I asked further questions, a press release of the organization platform.


When I asked Annecy 2018 bid President Charles Beigbeder what he thought – he wasn’t concerned.


“We have met them; however we do not share their views at all,” he said.


“They are against the Games, against the organization, against growth.


“We have strong support from the French population and that is really what’s important.”

 ( ... )



April 06th 2011 - Inside The Games


Banners greet delegates as Annecy bid protest grows


Opponents of Annecy's campaign to stage the 2018 Winter Olympics staked out the SportAccord convention here today in protest at the city's beleagured bid.


Delegates arriving at the Park Plaza Hotel in Westminster were confronted during the morning with a large black and white banner proclaiming "no to Annecy 2018" and handed a press release in English denouncing the city's bid.


France has not staged the winter games since Albertville in 1992 but Annecy is the rank outsider behind Munich and Pyeongchang in the three-city race, in part because of a change of bid leadership following of a budget dispute.


According to a group calling itself the Annecy Anti-Olympic Committee (CAO), 13,140 objectors have so far signed a petition against the bid.


"The candidacy was launched without the local population being either consulted or involved," said the handout, a copy of which has been seen by insidethegames.


"The reality is that much of the population does not want these Games and we are determined to act to make ourselves heard."


The Annecy Bid was left in tatters last year when the International Olympic Committee warned the French city they needed to dramatically alter their plans and make them more compact if they were to be allowed to continue to bid.


Then chief executive Edgar Grospiron stepped down, citing a lack of financial support and was replaced by Charles Beigbeder (pictured), who has done his best to turn the situation around.


But opponents say the bid is still fundamentally flawed. "We denounce a project financially disproportionate to our small city when so many people's daily needs are not met," said the CAO, who promised to step up their lobbying in the weeks leading up to the July 6 vote in Durban.


"Despite official discourse, the project as designed will seriously affect the fragile ecological balance of our territory."



April 01st 2011

ANNECY on the point to be major actor in the international stage.


Jean-Luc Rigaut, Mayor of Annecy, can be proud of his work, Annecy is about to be central to the international stage without waiting 6th July 2011.


Indeed, Annecy 2018 team has realized that success of their fate depends on its ability to establish removable temporary facilities on “ Pâquier” square. "The idea came to me while watching the summer catalog of “Vieux Campeur”, "says Jean-Luc Rigaut, and here's the scoop: Annecy will propose to the international community to offer removable tents for Kadhafi on “Pâquier” square. "But, says the Mayor, not the whole square, which must remain at Annecy’s inhabitants, but only the shaded area”. Rigaut said: “ if settled, Annecy will withdraw its candidacy to host the 2018 Winter Olympics”. The technical services of the city are already on the spot and a tender in due form, this time, has been launched. Fame without the hassle! Clever move for a candidacy already in financial difficulties?


The CAO decides to change its name to the Couak (committee united anti Kadhafi) a new petition is online.



March 29th 2011 - GamesBids


Anti Annecy 2018 Group Promises Action


A group calling itself the Annecy Anti-Olympic Committee issued a press release Monday saying that it now has 13,140 names on a petition against Annecy 2018's bid, and is collecting more names daily protesting Annecy's bid.

The press release says Annecy's bid was launched without the local population being consulted or involved. "The reality is that much of the population does not want these Games and we are determined to act to make ourselves heard", said Khaled Dehgan, President of an environmental NGO.


"Those responsible for the nomination are trying to pretend that the entire population supports the project but it is totally wrong. More than 13,140 people signed our petition, which is considerable for a small city of 60,000 inhabitants as Annecy. The number is growing every day and our actions are attracting more and more people".


The group says that according to a survey conducted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) last December, only 51 per cent of city residents are in favour of the bid, calling it the lowest score in the history of nominations for the Winter Games since IOC polls were made public.


In the press release the group says it "denounces a project financially disproportionate to our small city when so many people's daily needs are not met. Moreover, despite official discourse, the project as designed will seriously affect the fragile ecological balance of our territory. All the Green parties are also against the bid, we condemn also accounting opacity and amateurism of its leaders.


"After Edgar Grospiron resignation in December, and in absence of qualified personalities to take over, Charles Beigbeder was nominated: a Parisian, from small finance world without any link with Haute Savoie, without any knowledge in Sports or Olympics".


Philippe Metral Boffod, an Annecy councillor said in the press release, "today, thousands Annecy inhabitants have enough of this show and financial mismanagement of this application. We are more than ever determined to oppose this project and have scheduled a number of actions in the coming weeks to be heard by IOC members".



March 28th 2011

28th March 2011 - Press release - WE DO NOT WANT THE OLYMPIC GAMES IN ANNECY
28th March 2011 - Press release - WE DO NOT WANT THE OLYMPIC GAMES IN ANNECY
2011-03-28 - Communiqué de Presse Intern
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December 17th  2010

Letter sent to the IOC Evaluation Committee Member

Letter sent to the Evaluation Committee Member
17th December 2010 - Letter sent to the Evaluation Committee Member
2010-12-17 - Lettre aux membres de la co
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December 11th 2010 - Edf


Demonstration against the Games


On November 20, around 500 to 600 people have demonstrated in the town center of Annecy against the winter Games project in Annecy. along these people, mainly farmers who would be impacted by the Games, people who fear that their money would be wasted in the project (as weel for the bidding step as for the organization of the Games), and people who are against the Games in themselves (corruption, doping…)..


Some of our arguments :


When the Mayor of Annecy confirms his wish to increase the social activities tarification ( nurseries, canteens, sport activities, ...), the General Council of Haute Savoie increases his tax rates by 9.5%, after 7 years without any increase, accidendally the same year as Annecy applies for the Olympic games.

A tax for the Olympic games, where ??

And this goes on and on, this is just the beginning ....


March 24th 2010, suddenly, the budget of the application is increased from 15 to 21 million Euros (+40%).

The budget allocated for the infrastructures is increased from 240 to 285 million Euros (+19%)

And this goes on and on, this is just the beginning ....


2 500 000 Euros budgeted by the Regional Council for the propaganda campain of those Olympic games.


Argument of the Vice-President of sports of the Regional Council : we will not invest one Euro in anything that is polluting.

Nevertheless, financing the campain of this huge waste is equivalent to making an ecological disaster possible.


- No to a project badly put together.

- No to an application with no dialogue.

- No to the manipulation of the population.

- No to the disapearance of the farmland.

- No to a huge waste of water in a region already often under low phreatic table alert.

- No to a huge greenhouse gas emission that will not be cleared as it was not taken into account.

- No to 4 weeks of frenetic overconsumption.

- No to a huge production of waste in a region that already faces difficulties managing its everyday life waste.

- No to Olympic Games as an excuse for huge road projects that the population would not accept otherwise.

- No to an amateurish management of the project.

- No to the principle “always further in the expenses, always higher in cheating, always stronger in pollution.”



Press Releases


June 17th 2010 - Press release


8500 signatures against The Olympic Games of Annecy 2018

8500 signatures against The Olympic Games of Annecy 2018
Press Release : 8500 signatures against The Olympic Games of Annecy 2018
2010-06-17 - 8500 signatures contre les
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March 29th 2010 - Press release


Annecy 2018 worsens its situation !

Press release : Annecy 2018 worsens its situation !
2010-03-29 - Press Release CAO .pdf
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February 20th 2010 - Press release


Press Release of Annecy Anti Olympic Committee

Press Release of Annecy Anti Olympic Committee
Press Release of Annecy Anti Olympic Committee dated 20/02/2010
2010-02-20 - Presse Release CAO .pdf
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Nos Arguments :


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